Terms and Conditions for Prize Drops

These are the Terms and Conditions that Govern the prize drops from the Squirrly Company. Receive Prize Drops from different emails, social media posts, games created by Squirrly.

One Per Day

Only one prize drop will be awarded per day

First to Claim

You must be the first to claim in any given day. We use Twitter, because each permalink has a clear date and time and is public, so everyone can see that the prizes are awarded fairly.

Perfect Form

Must respect all instructions from the Prize Drop’s page. Twitter Account to mention, hashtag to use and code to write. 

The following is a basic example from a previous prize drop, which has been awarded. Showing this as an example, because it respects the requirements, even though it’s not as awesome nor as creative as how other people have tweetted us in order to win. SEE IT HERE >>

5 Days to Receive

It can take up to 5 days since the Prize Drop was launched or announced, to the time you receive confirmation that you won.

Once you receive that confirmation, you need to reply ASAP in order to get it.

Follow @SquirrlyHQ and make sure you read your @mentions and your DM to receive the prize

You need to follow Squirrly’s Twitter Account in order to redeem. Otherwise, Twitter won’t let us DM (direct message) you the prizes.

We will first reach out via @ mentions.

Then once we can DM you (after you follow us), we will DM the prize to you and any additional steps if required by a certain prize.

You will need to reply, after winning and being told (confirmed) that you won, in 2 days maximum. Otherwise, we will try to award the prize to the next in line (the second person who tweeted for the Prize Drop).