Just $19.08 USD/mo* !

$1029.88 USD

(when purchased separately)

77.77% OFF ALL Squirrly Products With a One Year Payment: Squirrly SEO, Squirrly SOCIAL, Starbox PRO, ContentLook, Squirrly SPY

Your licenses and accounts will be delivered manually starting TUE 3 Dec 2019

*when purchased for One Whole Year at: $229 USD

**official black friday offer of the Squirrly Company. Read more here.

Last Chance to Save $800.88 USD

if you bought all the products for ONE YEAR separately, it would cost you: $1029.88 USD

ALL of Squirrly’s Products for One Yearly Plan.

This Black Friday Day 2019 deal is completely squirrly.

I mean: $19.08 USD / mo. ? Is this for reals?

Yes, it certainly is. And it gives you access to:

– Squirrly SEO 2019: PRO Plan (1 year)

– Squirrly SOCIAL One Team Plan (1 year)

– Starbox PRO (1 year)

– ContentLook One Website Plan (1 year)

– Squirrly SPY – 2x reports


How much does each product cost if purchased individually?

  • Squirrly SEO PRO: $360 USD / year

  • Squirrly SOCIAL one team plan: $179.88 USD / year

  • Starbox PRO: $30 USD / year

  • ContentLook one website plan: $360 USD / year

  • Squirrly SPY two reports: $100 USD

Total Value: $1029.88 USD / year

Does this offer give me ALL Squirrly Products under one license?

Yes, all of Squirrly Company’s products, powered by Excellent Customer Service AND only one invoice every year.

This is Squirrly DIGITAL: one plan; all of Squirrly.

Where do I Pay? What’s your Paypal?

You can pay at:  https://sites.fastspring.com/ squirrly/instant/squirrlydigital

We work with FastSpring (an Inc. 500 company), but you can pay with PayPal.

When will You deliver my order if I buy today?

All orders will be delivered starting Tuesday, 3 Dec 2019. Preparing the accounts, activating the Licenses and creating the Squirrly SPY reports involve a lot of manual work.

How Many People Pay for Squirrly Already?

There are over 6,455 active subscriptions for Squirrly at the moment and over 2,130,000 downloads on the WordPress Directory

Do You Offer Refunds?

NO. We do not offer refunds. Buy after testing out the free version. If the free version works, this one will work in your WordPress as well.

Thanks for ordering this. Delivery for your new accounts starts TUE 3 Dec 2019!

Best regards, Florin Muresan CEO of Squirrly

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